Rev. Dave Linville 
General Superintendent

Welcome to the official website of the Lower Light Church.  We're delighted that you have chosen to visit our web site.  We thank you for your interest in the church and its ministries.  

Church websites have become an essential part of the church’s public profile in its community.  Indeed, surveys have indicated that church sites outnumber all other types of Christian sites by a ratio of 5 to 1.  Church sites are powerful outreach tools, and a gateway into unchurched homes.

We trace our beginnings to a time of revival fires in the mid-thirties in Petersburg, Michigan.
A young man by the name of Perl McDonnell, known as the “town drunk”, realized he was not in control of his life, and came to Jesus for forgiveness of sins. Later, God called him to preach, and in November, 1935, he and a group of Godly men formed what is now the Lower Light Church.

The Lower Light Church is an organization of conservative evangelical churches who are fully Wesleyan-Armenian in doctrine. Elsewhere in this site you will find our statement of faith in full.

In our seventy plus year history we have endeavored to maintain a biblical approach to the true mission of the church as a means of grace and a refuge from the storms that rage all around us.

We as a church are committed to lending a helping hand to those who have fallen victim to the vices of Satan, and have become ensnared in the jungle of sinful habits.  That is our mission, our calling.

Our purpose may be briefly stated as “Proclaiming Jesus Christ, Preserving our Christian Heritage, and Promoting Christian Fellowship among believers”.  

It is our prayer that this site will be a tool which God might use to reveal Himself to you, enlighten you, and teach you more of His great love as He prepares you for an eternity with Him.  If we can at any time be a help to you in a more personal way, please contact us via the information page.

God bless you as you visit our site, and as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Dave Linville-General Supt.
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